Drink Coasters

Handcrafted clay coasters are original sculptures that absorb moisture while allowing NO drips! NO stains! NO puddles! Pressed individually from earthenware clay.  Each package contains a set of 4.

Car Coasters

Car Coasters soak up water condensation from your drink. Simply drop into car cupholder and let the coaster do the rest. No more paper towels and napkins! Each package contains two car coasters.

Wine Coasters

Wine bottle coasters are designed especially to protect surfaces from condensation and drips. Use a chilled bottle of white wine on the coaster. Crafted in limited quantities from 100% natural earthenware clay.

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Original Carvings by Shayne McCarter

McCarter Coasters produce limited edition quality handcrafted absorbent clay drink coasters. The porous nature of our clay naturally drains condensation from your drink while the cork backing protects your furniture.

Natural art that works. Our coasters are carved from modeling clay, hand-pressed, stained and fired in North Mississippi since 1995. Every facet of manufacturing, from design, sculpture, and shipping, is done in-house to ensure that quality standards are maintained.

Wonderful hostess gift; surprise a friend with something artistic and practical!

The most amazing coaster.

This coaster takes in large amounts of water!

Watch a demonstration of our clay coaster absorbing large amounts of water without spilling over on the table.

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Featured Collection

546 Octopus Coasters

$25 set of 4

552 Coral Coasters

$25 set of 4

562 Mr.& Mrs. Coasters

(4.25") $25 set of 4

564 California Coasters

(4.25") $25 set of 4

568 Barn Wood Coasters

(4.25") $25. set of 4

323 Dragonfly Coasters

(4.25") $25 set of 4

421 - S Coasters

(2.5") $25 set of 4

9502 Assorted Shell Coasters

(4.25") $25 set of 4

9515 Assorted Cocktail Glass Coasters

(4.25") $20 set of 4

726 Sand Dollar Car Coasters

(2.5") $12 set of 2

762 Starfish Car Coasters

(2.5") $12 set of 2

436w Scallop Shell Wine Coaster

(5.5") $20 each

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